IR: SoCal Spotlight – Manic Automatic w/ “Ruin Me”

Fellow Insomniacs,

In Mid-November we brought you a review of a great new band that put in their first public performance at the Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip here in Los Angeles on 11/15/07.

Manic AutomaticWell, in December I had the chance to meet up with this new five piece, Manic Automatic, at their rehearsal space near Santa Monica, where they were hashing out three new songs. During a break in the creativity, we were able to ask three of the five band members about the meaning behind their new song ‘Ruin Me’.

Beyond speaking about the song, Evan “EvRock” Brau, Sheldon R. Morley and Baron told us about some new developments, including an upcoming video in the making and an anticipated live date in Hollywood coming very soon.

Today it is with pleasure that we bring you a first look inside Manic Automatic’s new song ‘Ruin Me’, from their self titled seven song EP.

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