IR: SoCal Double Shot – The Thieves / 15 North

Since we enjoyed doing our previous double shot so much last week, we figured another was in order, this time with two high adrenaline pulsing local rock groups from Los Angeles as well as Murietta.

The first group is a network favorite, The Thieves, a group transplanted from Oxford England, and living in Los Angeles. Sadly, they recently hung up their guitars in October of ’07, but not without first documenting their infectious live sound in an EP called ‘Where the Bright Lights Bloom’. Apparently it was recorded live in their garage between two years of tourdates, and then mixed at Linda Perry’s studio in North Hollywood, a major step forward in the evolution of their sound and quite a way to go out with guitars blazing.

The Thieves / 15 North

The second group, a foursome dubbed 15 North, were recently awarded ‘Best High School’ and ‘Local’ group of ’07 by the Inland Empire Music Awards and one track was enough for us to see why they received this distinct accolade this past year. If you get a chance check out their latest EP called ‘Apex Rock’.

We placed 15 North side by side with The Thieves in this double shot as we felt that if you liked the first, you’d definitely love some another shot of raw rock from these local favorites.



1) The Thieves – Oh Lord | emusic | cd
2) The Thieves – Tell Me Something | emusic | cd
3) 15 North – Ladders for Jacob | snocap
4) 15 North – Through the Rain | snocap