IR SoCal Point Blank: The Front

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Last Sunday: Scenario at the Scene
(*warning: show synopsis written after experiencing excessive high-end frequencies during performances)

A tour van breakdown a block from venue leaves The Front assisting the group Bacchus (from Seattle’s Underworld) limp to the venue in order to help man the High Stage of Olymp.. er… Glendale.

San Diego group, Oaks sets up eerie ‘Tourist Trap‘ style mannequin heads on stage and proceed to rock the fuck out of the joint. Luckily thee heads do not come to life and take out the audience like they did in that creepy 70’s movie.

The Galaga digital armada swirls to the right of the stage like a swarm of bees soon thereafter, whipped up by the pounding urgency of Bacchus, who pull the audience in with their pulsing beam of Olympus rawk!!

Shadowy group from LA, The Front, materialize out of nowhere; the lead singer threatens the audience with a pick, and the drummers hair attacks the other band members. They fight it off with a barrage of ear shattering frequencies which in turn obliterate the crowd in a flash of ghostly blue lights.

Seriously, the song they played before Social Bat took me out. Maybe it was a bit of beer mixed in, but…very amazing effect on the eardrums. I still don’t know what hit me or recall the name of that specific song.

In celebration of this show for the ages, please enjoy this two song session of Front songs from their new album, ‘Smiles & Handshakes’:

1) Fuck the Tourniquet
2) Social Bat

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