IR: San Francisco #47 – The John Sellers Interview

IR: San Francisco

Last week I had the incredible fortune to sit down for a couple of hours and innumerable pints with John Sellers , the author of the hilarious, frank, and amazing book Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life . In the interview, we discuss his book, indie music over the past 25 years, and our mutual obsession over Dayton, Ohio, band Guided By Voices. To round out the interview, I chose six tracks (not five as I stupidly said in the intro), all of which are reminiscent of the type of music that GBV recorded throughout their long and storied history.

If you like what you hear, check out the bands in this week’s episode, check out GBV’s back catalogue (sad to say, they’re now defunct), and by all means: BUY THIS BOOK!


The Hot Freaks:
Thunderhawk: Computer Science Department of Justice Alliance vs. Robots
One Light Out: Takes the Edge Off
Magnetic Health Factory: Cool to Sad
Cronkite: Leonard’s Final Countdown
Hallelujah the Hills: Wave Backwards to Massachusetts*
Mission 5: I Know, You Know

*Personally requested by Mr. Sellers himself!

I Am A Scientist:

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