IR: The SoCal Sessions – Double Shot of Happiness

The SoCal Sessions is proud to present our first double shot, which is helping promote a very important cause over at In conjunction with the effort to help push the Internet Radio Equality Act, the Truckee Brothers are giving away free copies of their new song Mayday, which you’ll be able to download from their website on May 1st.

Our bands today are the San Diego based Truckee Brothers as well as the Los Angeles based Dead Rock West. All the information you’ll need to know is in the session as well as at the websites below. Drink up!

…Hell, I wanna share the stage with [the Truckee Brothers], get on the same bill at a gig in ..San Diego or wherever.” – Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges)


1) TruckeeBrothers – “Mayday” | free on May 1st
2) TruckeeBrothers – “Gritty Pretty” | coming May 8th!
3) Dead Rock West – “Don’t Worry About Me” | itunes | store
4) Dead Rock West – “Highway One” | itunes | store

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