IR Turkey #4: The One Which is “The Bomb” (English)

turkeylogo.jpgHi everyone, the 4th episode of IR Turkey is here. You know what, we need to find a name for you IR Turkey fans. It is becoming lame to say “Hi everyone”. How would you like to be called?

In this episode, I am unfortunately alone, all by myself. It is the end of semester here and Hande has loads of stuff to finish and she could not spare time for the recording. We decided that I do the show alone this time since we did not want to give too much of a break. As I was being silly I forgot to mention this at the begining of the episode but I am sure you figured it out that I was alone, right?

A message to Hande’s fans: “Don’t worry she will be back in the next episode!” 🙂

I think this episode has a killer playlist and it is why I call this episode is the bomb.