Insomnia Radio Turkey #1 (English)

turkeylogo.jpgHey everyone, this is Turker Keskinpala, your host for Insomnia Radio Turkey.

We are going to take a wild ride to the world of Turkish music. There is a very a long time between the birth of the idea and this day but I am finally here with the first episode. When I say the first episode, it not only means the first one of hopefully many IR Turkey shows but my very first time being behind a mic. Believe me, you can tell when you listen.

But please bear with me as we go along and remember that there is always room for growth 🙂 So, now, fasten your seatbelts because we are flying transatlantic to hear some awesome tunes by Turkish artists.


Sinem: “Boom Sheka Nena”
Art Niyet: “Vay be!”
Ucus Serbest: “Ucus Serbest”
Us: “Kimse Bakmaz Ardina”
Cenk Han Alkaya: “Duyuyor musun?”

Shout Out:
Thanks Jason for giving me this great opportunity to be a part of the Insomnia Radio family. Thanks again everyone for downloading and listening to the show. Let me know what you think of the show and if you like any of the bands that I play, please let them know you heard them on IR Turkey.