IR: San Francisco #32 – All You Need Is Love

I’m back from an (unexpected) break away from the show, but hopefully the music will have been worth the wait. Up for you this week is a ton of content, including seven killer tracks from the Bay and beyond (three of the bands’ names have the word “love” in them). Also included: a new promo/trailer, new intro, new closer, and plenty of silliness.


The Lovers:

Love Not Dead: All Around
The Black Angels: Bloodhounds on My Trail
The Love Me Nots: Break My Heart
Excuses for Skipping: Out of Work Early
LoveLikeFire: Wish You Dead
Morning Favorites: Lonesome
Camera Obscura: Books Written for Girls (Live Acoustic Version)

The Lovees:

New IRSF Promo/Trailer! Download .mp3 (and share it at will)
IR: SoCal Sessions
IR: Detroit/Motor City (coming soon)
IR: Dread at the Controls (coming soon)
IR Presents: Live In The Lounge (coming soon)
IODA Promonet

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