IR: The SoCal Sessions #4 – Powering Into January

Hola amigo/amiga,

Welcome to the fourth installment of The SoCal Sessions. Today’s show powers us into January with five independent rock acts from Los Angeles.

Newer groups Power Cords and Pro Audio bring us two femme-themed songs dripping with pop goodness, while The Black Watch sets up Fight from Above’s journey toward the sun with a tale of an angel disappearing into the same fiery mass.

Dramarama anchors the segment after a twelve year hiatus with the happiest song about death you’ve ever heard, written in honor of their late friend, Greg Dwinnell. You may remember them and their infectious hook, “I’ll give you candy…give you diamonds, give you pills! I’ll give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills! I’ll even let you watch the shows you wanna see, just marry me, marry me, maaarryy meee!”.

If not, then I’m dating myself of course pretty acurately as a child of the 80s. Enjoy all!


1) The Power Cords – Bunsen Burner | itunes | cd
2) Pro Audio – She Likes Girls | free album!
3) The Black Watch – The Angels Just Might Be on Her Side | itunes | cd
4) Fight From Above – Last Song During Prom (on a Spaceship Headed for the Sun)
5) Dramarama – Everybody Dies | itunes

Jamal Buchet (Blame Amy)
IODA Promonet
Black Sweater, White Cat
Spinal Tap