IR: The SoCal Sessions #3 – New Years Evetronica

After last week’s session we do a quick 180 and bring in New Years with an all-electronica celebration. In honor of all the DJ driven events that occur every year-end all the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we bring you the following five high energy artists to end out 2006 with a bang.

Zeroleen and Noisemaker bring us a big beat flavored ska/dance mix from Venice, CA, while Los Angeles based Glycerin and Techno Squirrels (w/ Robert Jax) conjure up vocal ruminations of Ofra Haza with their own unique tracks. DJ Stoltz generously brings us his version of Auld Lang Syne to top out the night, and HBA keeps things going until dawn in Nueva York with their brand new mix of “Music Don’t Stop” by Nebulae.

So, if you are heading to Vegas, New York, Giant Maximus, Times Square West @ Paramount Studios, Together As One @ the LA Sports Arena, Big Night San Diego, enjoying a mellow night of twirling knobs at home, or hell… even the REO Speedwagon sit-down in Agoura Hills, this one is for you:


1) Zeroleen – All Good (Noiseshaper Dance dub) | buy
2) Glycerin – Beautiful Day
3) Techno Squirrels – Robert Jax vs Techno Squirrels (remix) | buy
4) DJ Stoltz – Auld Lang Syne (clip) | buy
5) Hot Bitch Arsenal – Music Don’t Stop (Nebulae’s remix)

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