IR Orlando #11: Horrorlando

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OK kids, we have very special episode for you this week! It’s special for 2 reasons: first, I have a guest with me – my friend Su has agreed to be a victim… er, I mean, to be a co-host for this episode, and second, all of the songs on this episode deal with death, destruction, loose women, murder, mayhem, monsters, and… well, you get the idea…
Hope you have as much fun listening as we had putting it together!

1. HCA | Halloween Comes Again
2. HCA | You’re Gonna Die
Formed in 1988 by childhood friends Terry and Chris, HCA is still cranking out great music after all these years. The Green Goblyn Project was started by Chris, who is still an active HCA member as well. They have a new EP coming out soon on Bony Orbit and are also very proud to be on the new Bony Orbit compilation, along with Hot Water Music, Green Goblyn Project, the Dwarves, Against All Authority, Electric Frankenstein, and Wolfy Lonesome, among others – buy it at the Bony Orbit Records store.

3. The Libyan Hitsquad | Streetlight Killer
The Libyan Hitsquad formed in 2001, signed to Bony Orbit Records in 2003 and almost called it quits for good in 2006. Their EP ‘Death in Jerusalem’ is out on Bony Orbit and receiving some great reviews. With the exception of 3 upcoming shows, they are currently taking a hiatus to regroup and work on some new material.
Oct 28 8 pm @ The Sports Page w/Jucifer, Satellite Beach, FL
Nov 10 8 pm @ Churchills w/Marky Ramone, Miami, FL
Nov 11 8 pm @ Churchills w/Marky Ramone, Miami, FL

4. The Obscene | Ultraviolent
The Obscene are another Bony Orbit Records band that has been on the scene for a long time. They have a 2006 album that called ‘Death Rides a Pale Whore.’
Oct 26 8 pm @ The Haven, Winter Park, FL
Nov 11 6 pm @ Churchills w/Marky Ramone, Miami, FL

5. The Hex Tremors | Jezabel
I don’t have a whole lot of info on these guys, but their blues-based songs of murder and mayhem fit right in on the show! Find them on the Florida’s Dying label.
Nov 9 10:30 pm @ Copper Rocket Pub, Maitland, FL
Nov 18 9 pm @ The Social (Anti*Pop Music Fest w/Mezzanine, The Vanity Plan, The Hold)

The Green Goblyn Project

6. The Green Goblyn Project | Bloodspattered Bride
7. The Green Goblyn Project | Devilskin Suitcase
Cape Canaveral-based Green Goblyn Project was formed in 1996. They have 5 self-released albums, numerous compilation appearances and have established a national presence with non-stop touring. Their latest album, ‘The Secret World of Parasites,’ along with several earlier ones can be ordered from Bony Orbit Records.

8. Derek Lyn Plastic | Walk the Dead
These guys have 3 7′ vinyl releases available at only 5 bucks each, postage paid. Their newest release, ‘Methamphetamines,’ has only been out for a short time and you can order it from them at their MySpace site or from the Florida’s Dying website.

Rocket 88

9. Rocket 88 | Mission Control
The Rocket Men have returned with their original line-up and their recent CD ‘Alien Attack’ showcases their talent for ‘juxtaposing vintage rockabilly with outer-spaced themes.’
Catch them live:
Nov 17 10 pm @ The Copper Rocket Pub, Maitland, FL
Nov 25 10 pm @ House of Blues bar, Orlando, FL

10. Voodoo Hodown | Voodoo Dance
from their MySpace bio:
‘Legend has it that Voodoo Hodown arose from the swamps of central Florida in early 2003. It was then that an elderly voodoo shaman took them in, gave them their sacred voodoo names, and taught them to respect the voodoo spirit. Since that time, D.W., Mojo Resin, Voodoo Vinny and Mattissimo have been keeping their promise to deliver a unique blend of classic, southern and progressive rock stir in a gator growl and some lively crickets, and you’ve got Voodoo Hodowns own brand of swamp rock.’
Sounds like: ‘Being chased by an angry gator in the swamps of Florida.’

11. Jonathan Coulton | Re: Your Brains
And finally, I could NOT resist playing one of my favorite songs, even though it’s not from someone in Florida. This singer/songwriter/musician just completed an amazing run of productivity in the form of a podcast called ‘Thing A Week.’ It consisted of a new song, written and produced each week FOR A WHOLE YEAR. Lately he has been making appearances in support of his good friend John Hodgman (he plays the PC in the new Apple ads and you may have seen him on ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’), who is doing a book tour for his very funny book ‘The Areas of My Expertise.’
If you like this song, rush over immediately to Jonathan’s website, where you can see tons of artwork inspired by his songs, plus you can buy merchandise, albums, individual songs (plus there are some free downloads), ring tones, and post on his forum. Oh yeah, and he’s still doing a weekly podcast for Popular Science magazine! JoCo rules!

I was also hoping to include a song from Wolfy Lonesome & the Devil’s Band but couldn’t get the mp3 in time. Check ’em out anyway – the debut CD can be ordered from Bony Orbit.


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