IR Orlando #7

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Sorry for the little break in the shows, but I’m back with some great tunes for you this week. My voice is a little scratchy due to a minor sore throat, so please excuse the low speaking volume. This episode is a bit of a downtempo show, so I hope you will kick back and enjoy the music!


‘My Disaster’
Ambertone was formed 5 years ago in Michigan, and relocated to Orlando in the past year. Here they have built a substantial regional fan base by playing lots of shows in Orlando, Daytona, Tampa, Jacksonville, Melbourne and Miami. Ambertone released their debut indie CD ‘Through the Eyes of the Blind’ in 2004 under the name ‘Avarice’. They have also recorded a 3 song demo which was released in the spring of 2006. Ambertone has also organized and been involved with benefit shows for the American Red Cross and the Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge.
>>Sep 23 2006 9:00pm @ Duke’s, Orlando, FL (w/ Runnin Blind, Finding Mulder)
>>Sep 24 2006 8:00pm @ AKA Lounge, Orlando, FL (Rocking Idol Battle of the Bands)
>>Sep 30 2006 10:00pm @ Holly & Dolly’s, Casselberry, FL (w/ Fall of Envy)
>>Oct 10 2006 12:00pm @ Atomic Lunch on (UCF internet radio interview and acoustic performance)
>>Oct 21 2006 9:30pm @ The Metro, Melbourne, FL

music versus the heart
‘Wild Card’
Any band that lists The Smashing Pumpkins as one of their influences is OK by me! This is from their 2005 CD ‘Sorry For the Memories.’ Their releases also include an EP from 2003. A follow up to the 2005 release is in the works right now.

‘Powder Black Clouds’
This song is a demo from their forthcoming EP, which should be out in October. They gave me the opportunity to hear some demos, and this is going to be an excellent EP!
>>Sept 15 @ Natura Coffee & Tea, Orlando, FL (Benefit show for Breast Cancer Research)

Breathe Clouds
‘The Warmth’
Indialantic, Florida
The music of Breathe Clouds is written, performed, recorded and produced by Dylan Ethier. He has 2 EPs: ‘The Warmth Didn’t Last’ (August 2005) and ‘The Dreams That Make Our Bodies’ (January 2006). Hear more tracks HERE
. He is organizing a winter tour of Florida, so if you can help him out with places to perform, please contact him at or at his MySpace page.
>>Sep 23 2006 8:00pm Satellite Beach, FL – Benefit Show Hosted by Ariel feat. / Ariel Bui, Devices, Jason Choi and more!
>>Sep 28 2006 9:45pm @ TBA, Los Angeles, CA

Shak Nasti
‘You Wear Me Out’

Shak Nasti is an eclectic groove ensemble with a healthy dose of jazz and funk thrown in for good measure. They were born in March 2004, as the alter-ego of the more progressive Florganism. This is from their 2005 CD ‘
From the Belly.’
>>Sep 15 2006 10:00pm @ Copper Rocket, Maitland, FL
>>Sep 22 2006 8:00pm @ Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin, FL
>>Oct 7 2006 8:30pm @ Bigg Daddy’s, Helen, GA
>>Nov 10 2006 12:00pm @ Down On The Farm III, Quincy, FL
>>Nov 17 2006 10:00pm @ Scrap Bar, Miami Beach, FL

Clock Hands Strangle
‘Paper Flowers’
From their MySpace bio:
‘The music of Clock Hands Strangle plays like the soundtrack to a rainy Florida summer day. It is mellow, yet introspective; soothing, yet revitalizing. Blending folk and Americana with a contemporary indie spirit, the band has been skillfully painting their musical landscapes for the past three years. While calling upon influences such as Joni Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel, the band is also reminiscent of contemporary acts such as The Shins and Bright Eyes.’
They were recently signed to Gainesville’s
Orange Records and will be releasing their first full-length CD in early 2007.
Look for plenty of tour dates in the meantime:
>>Oct 26 2006 8:00pm @ The Beta Bar, Tallahassee, FL (w/ Gettysburg)
>>Oct 27 2006 8:00pm @ The 7 Venue, Atlanta, GA
>>Oct 28 2006 8:00pm @ Good Karma Cafe, McComb, MS
>>Nov 10 2006 9:30pm @ 1982, Gainesville, FL (w/ The Headlights)

The Oaks
‘for Hugh Thompson, who stood alone. Vietnam, My Lai massacre, 1968’
The Oaks’ first full-length album, called ‘Our Fathers and the Things They Left Behind’ just came out at the end of August. Buy it HERE. The two founding members, Ryan Costello and Matthew Antolick had a previous musical partnership with the band Figure Vs. Ground, which effectively ended when Ryan joined a humanitarian organization called Global Hope Network. Ryan moved to the mountains of Afghanistan, where he lived and worked with families, teaching agriculture and nutrition development. It was a life-changing experience which made him feel he had learned more than he had taught. In the meantime, Matthew completed his Master’s degree in environmental ethics, while teaching undergraduate philosophy courses and playing in various musical projects in the area. He was eventually able to pursue music full time and support his family with his drum playing. After two years (which included email correspondence), Ryan returned to America and the two joined up and started The Oaks.

‘Our Fathers…’ was completely home-recorded, mixed by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios, Seattle (Modest Mouse and Damien Jurado), and mastered by Alan Douches of West Westside music, NY.

Visit to see the many photos Ryan took while living in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The story of the man who inspired this song (taken from The Oaks’ MySpace site):
The Hugh Thompson, Jr. Story: Two of the tracks on our new album are about Hugh Thompson, who was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam during the My Lai Massacre in which American soldiers laid waste an entire village of civilians. Hugh was on duty that day, and flew down into the war zone when he saw some frightened civilians huddled in a ditch. He told some American soldiers nearby to help them out, and they said to him, laughing, ‘yeah, we’ll help them out alright’. As he flew away, he suddenly realized what they meant as he saw them firing their automatic weapons into the ditch, killing men, women, and children. He made a decision in that critical moment: to be the agent of change. He flew back, turning the helicopter around and landed in the middle of the worst of the battle, confronting the commander on duty, who ordered his men to raise their weapons. Fearlessly, Hugh loaded his helicopter with civilians to bus them out to safety, and the other soldiers just stood there with weapons raised.

Afterwards, he found himself rejected by what he thought were his close friends and made a pariah by the Military itself as they hurried to cover up the incident in a worried nation’s mind. It wasn’t until the early 1990s, after pressure from the media, that he and his helicopter crew were finally recognized as heroes and awarded Soldier’s Medals. In 1998 they returned to Vietnam and visited some of those they had rescued on that day. Hugh Thompson died this year on January 6th, 2006.


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