Insomnia Radio #101: Save for a Rainy Day

IR 101 stretches out to the 70 minute mark with 12 stellar tracks, leaning towards the moody, the mellow, and the melancholy. This collection of tracks is really suited for a gloomy day or winding down late at night. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!


The Mellow:

  • Lorenzo’s Music: Drinkin’ By Myself | iTunes
  • Lorenzo’s Music: I’m Doing Fine | iTunes
  • Sam Mellon & The Skylarks: The Bombs All Fall Around Me | CDBaby
  • Amit: Skyrockets
  • A Weeks Worth: When The Week Died
  • Rachel Zamsteen: This Gun | NotPop Records
  • The Avett Brothers: When I Drink | (Album Release: September 19th)
  • The Mispent: Wish You Well
  • Chris Bard: Play Along
  • Exit Clov: Violent Berries | LiveWire Recordings
  • Street To Nowhere: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
  • Chance: That Means Everyone (Fan-Only B-side) | Chance Store
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