IR: San Francisco #12 – Not a Half-Assed Episode

For those of you accustomed to an episode a week, I apologize for my absence. I’ll try to pick up the pace in the coming weeks. Seven songs for you this week plus a ridiculous amount of promos, station IDs, and other preproduced goodness/nonsense.


File Size: 41.3MB (.mp3)
Running Time: 45 minutes

The Awesome:
The May Fire: Red Eye
Normal Like You: My Intentions
Morning Spy: Foggy Filter
Pidgeon: Strelnikov
“Friends of the Family”Paramore: Pressure
Loquat: Half-Assed Mechanic
Sky Pilots: Our Name Rings Out

The Family:
Insomnia Radio
IR: Baltimore
IR: Cincinnati
IR: Florida
IR: New York
IR: Orlando
IR: San Diego
IR: Seattle

AMPed New Music Weekly

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