IR: San Francisco #11 – The Back from Vacation Special

Back in the fray, fellows and fellas. Check out each and every one of these bands, who will rock you in your face. And backside. And arms and legs. And watch out for your thumbs and pinkies. Basically, no one part of your body is safe from the rockin’ songs here.

Oh, yeah, and I announce the contest winners from Episode 10. Enjoy!


File Size: 42.5MB (.mp3)
Running Time:

Amit: Skyrockets
The Girlfriend Experience: Thumb
Halou: Stonefruit
Desoto Reds: Elephant Feet
Keith Varon: Intoxicated
Young Has Beens: Wrong Side of the Word
Jubonic: Better Days Ahead
Richard Bitch: Jacques Cousteau

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