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Insomnia Radio: New York #1 – How YOU Doin?!

(Author: Ren Tyler)
(Date Submitted: 5/31/2006)

Hey there, rocklings. The technical difficulties have been beaten into submission and IR:NY #1 is here to represent the musical diversity of its namesake city. Apologies for the faded audio. The new mic and mixer should arrive in time for episode #2.

The Awesome:

  • The Giraffes: Million $ Man | A swift kick to to the testicles rock assault (On Tour Now! Click here for the dates)
  • Shimmerplanet: Cool Web | Soulful vocals mated with electro-orchestral
    eclecticism. For The One Who Kills Tomorrow
  • Kinetic: A Scene Unseen | Literate noise-pop passionately performed (Kinetic Myspace Site)
  • Monkeybacon: Fuzzy Peach | quasi-electronic tunes that are more fun than a barrel of porkbellies
  • Hopewell: Synthetic Symphony | Lush psychedelic-pop-rock laden with nuanced harmonies