IR: San Francisco #3 – River City Edition

For this episode, I take you back to my old stomping grounds, Sacramento. The capital of California is located less than 90 miles east of San Francisco, and the Sacto indie music scene is spreading like wildfire! So strap in for this brief show of some of the finest indie pop noise from the area.


Running Time: 21:32
File Size: 24.7MB

Bands & Tunes
Seventh Standard: Slow Burn
Bidwell: Twisted Up
Bidwell: August 15th
The Refinery: Waiting For You

How’s My Shouting?
Digital Detroit Radio
Ken from IR: Seattle and The SnB Show (for turning me on to Seventh Standard)

Bidwell, live at The Boardwalk, April 26
Seventh Standard, live at the Powerhouse Pub (Folsom), April 26; the Blue Lamp (Sacramento), May 6

How’s My Driving?
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